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In our journey of finding the best cuisine, we came across Lebanon’s exotic and outstanding culture. Layali Miami was created after nights of food and drink tastings from across the Middle East. Lebanon had the most profound and richest textures in its popular dishes. What impressed us the most is where Lebanon’s restaurants were located. They were surrounded by beautiful sceneries and each restaurant provided their customers with a phenomenal nightlife entertainment. All their best and exclusive entertainments were fulfilled at night and our explorations and fun activities were completed at night.

This gave us the final decision on landing the name "Layali" for our restaurant. It was the perfect name since it occurred during Lebanon's nightlife of fun and excitement. We are willing to promote the same experience as we endured within a short period of time. The nights we spent in Lebanon turned into a lifelong memory. Come visit us for a night that you will never forget, but forever remember.

“’Layali Miami” is defined as “Night of Miami”. “Layali” is an Arabic expression that refers to the word “Night” in the English language. We welcome you to a genuine Lebanese dine-in experience with a variety of Lebanon’s heartfelt and classic cuisine. You have the option of ordering our most popular product, which is known as “Hookah”, at any given time.

We also display live exquisite belly dancing shows with our top talented belly dancer on Fridays and Saturdays. Layali Miami offers you several different entertainments Wednesdays and Thurdays such as, “Latin Night” and “Karaoke Night”. Your desire of our Lebanese flavorful dishes and traditional ambiance begins right at the tip of our doorstep.

When it comes to our customers, it is our main priority to acquire their desires distinctively. The staff provides customers with the best service possible in order to satisfy their needs. It is our duty to make sure customers are generously welcomed and given the best hospitality by Layali Miami's excellent staff members. After all, Lebanon's people are very well-known for their cultural and hospitable gestures. What is important to you is extremely important to us. If you decide to visit us, it will be our greatest pleasure to serve you at our highest potential.